Monday, January 7, 2019

End Game Quilt - New Pattern Release

Introducing my latest pattern release - End Game!  

This quilt is all about Bright, Bold and making a statement.  I am so excited to share this pattern with you that I made last year and was featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting (even making the cover).  You can now get your hands on End Game directly from my Store (PDF and Templates) and Wholesale through Creative Abundance (Paper Patterns and Templates).

When I was younger I used to play computer games with my brothers and sisters on an old Atari Game console - that's right - even before Apple Computers!  One game we used to play had shapes drop down and you would make pretty patterns - almost like Tetris but it was more pattern making than stacking them to fit.  After a family gathering one weekend last year, I had been reminded of this and this design was born from those childhood memories.  

As soon as I heard that Tula Pink was putting out a range of Solids, Tent Stripes and Pom Pom fabrics,  I knew these were the perfect fabrics for this design.  The Tula Pink Solids and fabrics I used are listed in the Pattern not only for placement reference but incase you would like to source your own.

The End Game Pattern not only features the pattern in this Full Size Quilt (62.5in x 72.5in) but also a Mini Quilt (20.5in x 22.5in).  There are Coloured Illustrations and Photos in the pattern along with a Colouring Page to help you plan out your own End Game Quilt.  Also included are Fabric Cutting Tags to keep track of your pieces once cut.

Check out the amazing Custom Quilting on this quilt thanks to Carol Brady at The Quilting Cottage. I'm seriously in love with how the quilting makes these individual Triangles look like one so cohesively. 

And because I always believe that Quilting can sometimes be about the little details that add that finishing touch - in the Tent Stripe and Pom Pom fabric Triangles, I hand quilted these with Aurifil Thread 12wt to give it a real handmade touch.  

Doesn't everything look cute in Mini size!  I love making Mini Quilts and one project I wanted to include when I released the pattern was a Mini Quilt version.  I made this version with Tula Pink's Zuma Collection and love how this showcases that this quilt design works just as wonderfully in prints as well as solid coloured fabrics.

Sometimes the back of a quilt never gets enough attention but using this Tula Pink Free Fall Backing has meant the quilting looks awesome on the back just like the front. 

To go along with the Pattern I have created this Acrylic Template Set to make both the Full size and the Mini Quilt versions.  You don't have to have this exact Template as I talk you through lots of options in the Pattern.  But I have found these Templates so helpful to make cutting a breeze with your Rotary Cutter and of course ensuring accuracy with each piece I cut.  

I am so excited about this End Game Quilt - you can check out all the amazing versions made by my Pattern Testers already at #endgamequilt over on Instagram

Wholesale orders for End Game are available through my Distributor - 
They have both the Pattern and Template sets that can be shipped to stores here in Aus and Internationally.  

There are also a large number of Local Quilt Stores stocking this pattern and templates so check out or ask your LQS for End Game.

And in more exciting news!
The #endgamequiltsewalong is coming

You can sign up here for the End Game Quilt Sew Along Newsletter 
which will have all the details going out very soon.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 


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