Sunday, March 4, 2018

RJR Fabrics - What Shade are You Blog Hop

I was recently asked - "What shade are you" by RJR Fabrics and while in your head your like that easy - I know exactly what my favourite colours are. Then you get presented with an extensive Colour Card to select from, to narrow that down to make a quilt from - well not as easy as I thought.  

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids have such a large range of colours and for this project - deciding which ones to choose became a tough choice - I had so many favourites. I love the slight sheen these fabrics have to them - just so subtle and the movement in the light - beautiful.

So here is #whatshadeareyou
Optical White - #33
Lemon Chiffon - #182
Flamingo - #338
Hot Pink - #217
Rhodedendrom - #181
Hydrangea - #214
Jacaranda - #317
Riveiria - #274
Robins Egg - #391
Harbour - #425

So with a plan in mind I set about sewing and making - the saturation of the colours against the white - I just love. I usually don't work with just solids so I was welcoming the change of direction and really loving the opportunity to design a project where it was about the colours of the fabrics rather than the prints.  Starting first with paper and pen and then moving to the fabric to create my plan - I was starting to feel comfortable with the fabrics I choose and how they would work together.

Using the White background fabric meant that when it came time to pressing that I needed to consider the colours of the fabrics.  When coloured pieces were sewn together for the Half Square Triangles- I pressed towards the darker fabric, when sewing the blocks together - I pressed all my seams open so that I wouldn't have any dark shadows behind that crisp "Optical White".

This is my Aurora Quilt that I designed - and I couldn't be happier with how these solids have worked against the white background in this pattern.  It was exactly what I was after.  

We recently travelled down to our friends farm out in the country, down south and after a bit of location scouting came across the neighbours property where these shed were.  As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect against the colours of the quilt for a backdrop.

I had the quilt Long Arm quilted by Carol Brady of The Quilting Cottage with this circular design and it was done in a Mint green thread so that the colour of the thread with the quilting wouldn't stand out to much over the range of different colours.

I truly loved making this quilt - these Half Square Triangles were cheerful and fun to sew.  And I even have plans for anther Solids inspired quilt.  
Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

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