Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lecien Flower Sugar - Butterfly Charm Boxes

Flower Sugar by Lecien Fabrics is one of those iconic ranges that each year just keeps getting better and better.  This range - Flower Sugar Fall 2015 will be in stores in May 2016 and I have been asked by Lecein to one of their Flower Sugar World Ambassadors - getting to make and design with upcoming ranges to inspire your creativity.  I love the mix of prints within the colours with florals, checks, spots and all co-ordinated to work together like a dream.

I have a list of all the creative things I see that I want to make and I knew this bundle was perfect to incorporate two of these.  Firstly I have been dying to make some of Lilly Ella's (@lillyellasworld) Butterfly Charm Blocks.  Her free Tutorial is excellent and I just adored making this Foundation Paper Pieced Butterfly.  

Using the Butterfly Charm block as my inspiration I turned it into "The Square Box"  by Amber Crawley (@simplelovequilts).  Let me warn you these Boxes are addictive and with the beautiful Lecien prints it was easy to mix and match the fabrics to achieve the look I was after.

I even fussy cut some of the prints to make the most of the delicate florals with not only the top of the Aqua Box but also for inside the smaller box and lid.

Flower Sugar is definitely one of those ranges that is timeless and will be a loved addition to your stash and well worth the wait.

Happy Sewing
Jemima x 


  1. I'll definitely be going back and recommend these guys to everyone. The flowers I ordered turned out lovely. They took what I asked for and turned it into the loveliest of creations. 5-star Flower Delivery NYC bravo.

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