Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Smitten Quilt - My English Paper Piecing Adventure - Part 4

Time to prep some more hexes for my Smitten.

When I first started this Smitten way back in March - Fussy cutting wasn't really a thought for how I wanted to create my Hexies.  I purchased Fat 1/16ths for this quilt and of course this meant that the pieces were not big enough for fussy cutting.

However as I continued on I knew that I had to add some Fussy Cutting in somewhere in my quilt.  I raided my stash and found some fabrics that would just be perfect for fussy cutting with pattern repeats and large enough pieces to cut out large holes into the fabric to make these hexies.

With some careful cutting and stitching I am stoked with how these fussy cut hexes turned out and can't wait to add them in.

Heading towards the home stretch for the piecing for this Quilt - these Small Hexagons took a little time to cut and piece with the size of the smaller diamonds and triangles that make these up.

These hexes came together really quickly with only three diamonds per hexagon.

With all the small hexagons complete it was time to hand stitch them together to make them into Large Hexagons.  After some sorting, arranging and cutting of certain prints and fabrics to make each hexagon the right colour way I have made great progress on these Large Hexagons.

Each one I make becomes my new favourite.  So close to having these all pieced.

Happy Sewing
Jemima x


  1. I love how the bigger hexies come together.

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  3. So CUTE! This very well be the inspiration for my next project!


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