Thursday, January 29, 2015

In-between Sewing!

In-between sewing bigger projects like quilts and writing patterns there is always something to create and be inspired with, discover or learn about.  I was sent some Soak Wash Inc products just before Christmas to try out - see previous post.  I had heard great things about their Smoothing Sprays and Laundry Care products and was keen to try them out to see if they did what they say they do.

I used the Soak on some of my Quilts and even on my crochet blankets and have to say that after washing them with the Soak not only did they smell amazing but they left such a natural feel to the quilts and blankets.

Hands down though the Flatter is a Game Changer!  So much of what I do in my sewing is about the Seams of quilting.  So to use a plant based soothing spray to make my seams sit just flat - well that just makes quilting even better.  

I was so thrilled with how it actually made the seams sit flatter and crisper and so I could show you I made two samples (above).  The first was using Flatter and the second was just using steam alone from the iron.  And well as you can see the results speak volumes of this great product.

Ask for it at your Local Quilt store - it is well worth it.  Here in Australia you can find Soak Wash products distributed by Millhouse Collections at these stores:
Hetties Patch SA
Appleyard Cottage NSW
The Stitchers Cupboard NSW
Addicted to Fabric
Patchwork Paradise QLD
Make it Hobby & Craft QLD
Two Blue Birdies VIC
The Quilted Crow TAS
Patch'n'Paint WA
Quilt Fabric Delights

I have also made a start (and to be honest this is the only block as it stands) on my Gypsy Wife Quilt. For this project I have chosen to use Liberty and Linen.

And after finishing up all my Tula Pink Hexagons that I turned into Grandmother's Flower Gardens - I sat down and planned out the layout for them.  Armed with some Hexagon Grid paper I drew out the design and then laid out all the flowers so that I would be happy with how they were all going to be placed.

Making good progress so far - that's 20 out of 70 hand sewn.

Jemima x 

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