Sunday, August 4, 2013

Liberty Treasure

A while ago I posted about all the beautiful Liberty Fabrics that I had been collecting to make a quilt for myself.  Truth be told the collection continued to grow not only because I love the intricacy of all the details in the fabrics but also because I was really waiting to be a "good" enough sewer to be worthy of cutting into such prized fabrics. 
Taking pictures of the quilt proved far more difficult than I thought and that is why although I finished the quilt a few weeks ago I have not been able to take any good pictures of it - so taking advantage of a perfect sunny winter's day I set out to the Church grounds in Guildford that I knew might provide a beautiful backdrop for some photos of the quilt.

The finished quilt measures 2.15m x 2.20m

I love putting detail into the back of the quilt - so with the inclusion of a pieced backing in the Pattern I knew that I needed to spend the extra time sewing this in as well.


I am so pleased with this quilt - it is very busy with all the detail of squares in squares but with Pink as the underlying colour theme I think it comes together.  There are even a few pieces of Vintage Liberty gifted to me from a special friend.

When it came to the quilting it took some time to choose a pattern that worked well with the more traditional pieces of Liberty fabrics alongside the bright and bold modern pieces.  I went with a design which had both loops and a modern style flower.  I knew that the quilting would not be a feature on the front of the quilt due to the busy nature of all the fabrics but it is ever so sweet on the back against the white fabric.


Jemima x 


  1. BEAUTIFUL !!!

  2. this is so beautiful Jemima - I can't wait to see it in person x

  3. Very beautiful! So many wonderful fabrics and all blended together harmoniously with colour scheme. Love the design you chose, a creative twist on a classic. Just beautiful!


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