Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have you heard about Spoonflower

Have you heard about Spoonflower?  They have been around for a while so this may not be news but for anyone who has not let me introduce you to them.

A little while ago I had a special request for a rather specific fabric that is going to be made into a quilt. I have used Spoonflower in the past but could not believe my luck at being able to find exactly what I needed.

Spoonflower is a website where you can print and sell your own fabric, you can purchase fabric, wallpaper, decals and even wrapping paper.  There are so many different designs and customisable options for what you are after.  You can even choose the type of fabric your chosen design is printed on to.

While I am keeping the aforementioned fabric I found secret squirrel for now here are some of the other fabrics that I could not resist. Here they are from the top down.

I have not kept selvedges in the past so this is going to be a great way to get the look for some of those "Selvedge" projects.

These were shipped super fast and I am looking forward to incorporating these into some upcoming projects soon.  Let me know if you shop up a storm over at Spoonflower.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Jungle Safari Quilt and new Liberty Cushions

The Jungle Safari Quilt I have been working on has been all finished.  Lots of colourful and bright squares make up this Cot size quilt.

The animals were the inspiration for this quilt - cutting them out of the piece of fabric and then co-ordinating lots of fabric prints and solids to match.  And although you cant see it - I have pieced the backed with some of the Jungle Safari print as well.

All quilted and bound and already delivered to its new owner.  I have also been working on an order for Santa Sacks - while it may only be July there is nothing better than being all sorted for the rush that is the festive season.  And you know how I love to be organised.  I hope Santa loves filling up this Sack!

With my love for Liberty fabric growing I pieced together these squares that will be turned into cushion fronts that I will be putting into my Etsy store once they are complete.  So soft and pretty are these pink inspired Liberty fabrics.

I have topstitched them using a Sulky Thread that has the slightest sheen to it to give it that touch of something special - just like the fabric itself.

Jemima x 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diary of a Quilt!


Quilt top complete

Machine Quilting

I had been keeping this flannel for just the right project.  Perfect for backing for this quilt - so snuggly!

Sweet Animals Cot quilt all now finished. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

1930's Reproduction Fabrics Fireworks Quilt

My quilt top for my Fireworks using all  1930's Reproductions is now  complete.  There was a lot of time taken to match up all the points on the seams and with so many points this did take a while. 

I wanted the fabrics to be bright and crisp against the white and I knew that as this quilt was coming together there was going to be only one way to quilt it once the top was finished.

Not everyone is a fan of Hand quilting but I love it - I love how therapeutic it feels to sit and hand sew at a slower pace and mostly I love the look of Hand quilted quilts. 

So after purchasing some more colours in Pearle 8 thread to match the fabrics and now with the quilt all pinned I am ready to start hand sewing.
Jemima x