Monday, July 15, 2013

1930's Reproduction Fabrics Fireworks Quilt

My quilt top for my Fireworks using all  1930's Reproductions is now  complete.  There was a lot of time taken to match up all the points on the seams and with so many points this did take a while. 

I wanted the fabrics to be bright and crisp against the white and I knew that as this quilt was coming together there was going to be only one way to quilt it once the top was finished.

Not everyone is a fan of Hand quilting but I love it - I love how therapeutic it feels to sit and hand sew at a slower pace and mostly I love the look of Hand quilted quilts. 

So after purchasing some more colours in Pearle 8 thread to match the fabrics and now with the quilt all pinned I am ready to start hand sewing.
Jemima x


  1. It is SUCH a beautiful quilt! I really love it, and those gorgeous threads with hand-quilting are going to make it spectacular. Amazing work :)

  2. Muito linda! Amei o seu capricho!

  3. Muito linda! Amei o seu capricho!


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