Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liberty Bliss Love

At night time I have been watching lots of trashy television series and working on my crochet.  I am getting very good at this Liberty Bliss scarf.  So far this is about as good as my crochet gets.  I am looking forward to some lessons coming up on how to make Hexagons.

This scarf was finished for my dear friend's birthday.  I love picking a Liberty Tana Lawn print first that I think suits the person I am making it for.  Then I choose the four colours to go with it. 

For this scarf I used Rowan Handknit cotton from Calico and Ivy.  One of my favourite shop here in Perth.  The cotton was delightful to work with and I am using it again in another scarf.

This scarf is for another close friend whose birthday is coming up.  This is Biggan Yarn - it is a Merino wool and much fluffier than the cotton. I bought this wool  from Tangled Yarns.  If you have not checked out this shop - you should - Kelly and her team are so inspirational and are always so helpful with my many, many crochet questions.

This wool - also the Rowan handknit cotton is currently being crocheted as we speak - will show you when it is finished.


  1. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend. You are amazing. I love all the wonderful projects you make and are so proud to tell everyone who makes all the beautiful pieces I have received.

  2. Have you discovered this site? It is awesome for helping with crochet
    I love your scarf and the liberty fabric you have used.


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