Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two many unfinished projects

Look we all know I am a list person - I even have a rule about only 3 projects on the go at one time.  Some people thrive with lots of projects on the go at once - not me - I have somehow let my On-The-Go project list get longer than I can handle.  So this is my way of getting through them.  I am going to show you the state of them currently and then report back in 2 weeks with their progress. (I also like deadlines!)

Jazzy Jungle quilt for my new Godson

Candy Girl quilt for my daughters 9th Birthday (in 7 weeks)

Robot Stitchery - which itself is finished but needs to be turned into a Canvas for a different Godson.

All my squares are now cut for my Kaffe 9 Patch quilt - awaiting sewing!

Still crocheting Squares for my way too ambitious lap rug - only about 15 more to go!

And well to finish off - Here is a project I have finished.
Here is my Liberty Bliss Scarf

I look forward to NEXT winter when I will be able to wear it - I am really happy with how my first completed crochet project has turned out.  I especially love the Liberty Ceaser Tana lawn threaded through the crochet.


  1. All stunning projects! Love the scarf & well done for finishing it!!

  2. Love that Robot embroidery and the Jazzy Jungle is so cute I just had to buy the pattern!


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