Thursday, July 14, 2011

A bowl full of cuttings!

Guess what this bowl of wool cuttings mean?

Yes, that is right - I finally learnt how to tie in all the wool ends.  When I decided to start a crochet project I thought I was being smart starting with lots of squares so that I could hide the less perfect ones with the ones that got better as I went along.  I never accounted for the fact that there would be all the ends to sew in to the squares.  Never the less I haven't minded it at all - I love hand sewing - fabric, wool, stitchery's, applique!  I just love how they all look - even just as squares.

I have been working with this pile of fabrics -

I have been making some cushions and a bedside table cover with them.  Remember the ribbon fabric I made a few posts ago - well this is the project it has gone into.

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  1. I wish I loved sewing in ends! I just finished sewing the ends of a giant granny square baby blanket and was so glad when they were all done!


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