Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making with the Girls!

As it was a long weekend a few days ago here in Perth the girls and I had some extra time for some crafting.  As you know my girls would rather stick, glue and paint and craft anytime over electronic pastimes.  Which is great don't get me wrong but the constant trail of pom poms, pop sticks, cut up paper and glue everywhere sometimes drives me a little nuts!

A little while ago I bought some beautiful Japanese Washi Tape from here. I fell in love with the range of colours and knew that the girls would love using this special tape.  We made some gift tags first of all - using the egg template that you can find in my Easter Egg Felt Tutorial we cut out some white cardboard eggs and then the girls set about ripping the tape and sticking the pieces on in a bit of a collage fashion.

The girls wrapped up some Easter chocolates and used the washi tape eggs as Gift Tags, adding some ribbon for some gifts to be given at Easter time.

We also had some Styrofoam egg shapes which the girls then used to stick the washi tape to. 

Watch out for my next post - I am going to have a GIVEAWAY.  It will be my Blogiverssary this weekend.  Yes a whole year since I started my little blog.  Stay tuned!


  1. What a great idea! So good, that the boys and I did some too. And they loved making them. Will send you some photos or even better, will post them on my blog soon and have you as my first link:))) xx Laura

  2. Hi Laura, would love to see the ones you and your boys made - glad yoy had fun.

    Happy to be your first link.



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