Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial : How to make a Felt Easter Egg

How to make a Felt Easter Egg

16cm x 10cm piece yellow felt
6cm x 4cm piece of pink felt
7cm x 4cm piece of blue felt
14cm ribbon
3 buttons
Co-ordinating cotton thread
Toy filling

Step 1 – Print and cut out Pattern pieces onto paper.  Trace or cut around the egg pattern and top and bottom pattern pieces onto the felt.  Cut out the felt shapes.  Pattern is below.

Step 2 –Take one of your egg pieces and with your co-ordinating cotton thread sew a running stitch along the zig zag edges only of the top and bottom piece, through both layers.
Step 3 – Sew your buttons into position.  You could alternatively sew a piece of ribbon through the centre or use brads to decorate your egg.
Step 4 – Take the ribbon and fold in half.  With the second egg piece place the folded ribbon into the centre at the top and sew into place with cotton thread.
Step  5 – Place your front and back egg pieces together (with the ribbon in between the layers).  Sew around the outside of your egg, using running stitch with your co-ordinating cotton thread through the two layers.
Step 6 – Stop about 2cm before the place where you started and stuff your egg using the toy filling.  Sew closed.

Please remember this Tutorial is for personal use only. 


  1. Very cute eggs! Great idea for easter! :) x

  2. Thanks Jenevieve, you always have such nice comments for me. I really appreciate them.

  3. I liked it!! Great Idea for my students in Brazil, Thanks!


  4. Thanks for the tutorial, these eggs are so cute! My 2yo would love one :)

  5. Nice tutorial! I've made some easter eggs, too :)

    Love from The Netherlands,

  6. thanks for sharing, soooo beautiful :)


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