Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am a Woman on a mission !

See all this cut out fabric - well they are Aprons in waiting.  All cut, ironing and sewing to go.  Today I shall not blog hop, I shall not net surf, I shall not eat a chocolate biscuit until these are finished!!!!.  My sister was here in Perth recently and she has dibs on the top Apron with the black and white floral print on it.  So hopefully by the end of the day I should have these complete and then I can eat the chocolate biscuits calling my name from the pantry. 

This Make "Me" Boy Cushion was a custom order for a friends little boy's birthday.  Here it is sitting on his bed - He is soccer mad so with a few extra touches to my pattern this is the end result.  These patterns will be available at the Perth Upmarket and come in two versions - Make "Me" Boy and Make "Me" Girl.  They have different clothes and hairstyles that you mix and match to suit your child.  I have also had so much fun making them that I have decided that I will take custom orders for them if sewing the cushions yourself is not your thing. 


  1. Sending good vibes for you to complete your aprons. The cushion will be a welcome addition to the bedroom it looks fantastic.

    Hope you finally got to eat that choccy biscuit.

  2. Sending good vibes your way so you can complete those aprons.
    The cushion looks fantastic and will be a welcome addition to the bedroom.

    Hope you finally got to eat your choccy biscuit.


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