Monday, July 16, 2018

Aurora Quilt Sew-Along Week 7

Well we are getting so close to the end of this wonderful #auroraquiltsewalong.  Week 7 is here and for those who have been keeping this up with the schedule then you have a bit of planning to do, for those who need to catch up then you have this week where you can keeping making progress with your Quadrants.

I am so in awe of the Aurora Quilt tops that are being made - truly they are each so amazing and I love how you have made them your own with your fabric and colour choices.  

Planning for Quilting and choosing your Backing and Binding

If you have put together your four Quadrants then it is time to start to think of how you would like to finish your quilt.  Would you like to Machine Quilt it or are you thinking you may like to Hand Quilt your Aurora Quilt.  

Machine Quilting Yourself - if you are planning on Machine Quilting it yourself then here are some things you may find helpful in making decisions on how you might like to Quilt it

Hand Quilting - if you are thinking you would like to Hand Quilt your Aurora Quilt then here is a blog Post I wrote with some hopefully helpful hints on this technique.

Sending it out to be Long Arm Quilted - if your planning on sending your Aurora Quilt out to be Long Arm Quilted by a professional it is always a good idea to chat with them first about if they have any special instructions for how they like the quilt to be delivered to them.  

My Quilter, Carol from The Quilting Cottage asks that the Backing and Batting be at least 4in bigger on all sides than the Quilt top.  The Quilt top, Batting and Backing can be packed up into a bag ready for quilting - it does not need to be pinned or basted.

Backing Fabrics

I don't think of the back of a Quilt as "just the back".  There are lots of ways you can make your back look just a s spectacular as the front.

You might want to head to your Local Quilt store and choose from their selection of Wide Backs.  These are fabrics usually 108in wide which mean they will fit your quilt without having to piece them together.  They come in a wide variety of colours and are usually cost effective.

Another option is to piece together two pieces of fabric 42in wide that may match the fabrics on the front.  

Or maybe you might like to sew together lots of pieces of fabrics to make your backing.  This is called a "Pieced Backing" is a great way to use up leftover fabric or fabrics from your stash that work well with your chosen quilt top fabrics.

Binding Fabrics 

Start to think what you might like to use for the binding once your Quilt has been Machine or Hand Quilted.  You will need 1/2yd or 45cm for the Aurora Quilt.  Choose a fabric that compliments with your chosen fabrics from the Quilt Top.


Image thanks to @julietapu

Image thanks to @dutchcomfort

Image thanks to @geegeedesign

Image thanks to @rebeccaw.projects

This weeks Sponsor is SewMondo

To be in the running to win these Aurifil 12wt Threads make sure to post your progress to the #auroraquiltsewalong and #auroraquilt hash tags.  Make sure also to tag me @tiedwitharibbon in your post to make sure I see it. 

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Aurora Quilt Sew-Along Week 6

This is it - Week 6 - where your whole quilt will come together.  Its all about getting your last quadrant together and then being able to assemble your quilt top!

All that hard work from prepping and trimming your Half Square Triangles will hopefully be making the construction of your rows so much easier.  

There are so many different versions of the Aurora Quilt starting to be put together and the quilt tops finished.  It is really exciting to see how different fabrics and different patterns can make the same quilt look so different.

For some of you this has been the first quilt you have made and I am floored by how beautiful they are looking, for others some of you are nearly getting so close to finishing, for others they have totally tried to used their stash to make these Aurora Quilts - no matter why or how you have joined in I really hope you have enjoyed making this quilt so far and I cant wait to see so many of these quilt tops being finished over the coming week.


Image thanks to @mashie_v

Image thanks to @thequiltedarrow

Image thanks to @julietapu

This weeks Sponsor is Maker Valley

To be in the Running to win a Voucher for one of Maker Valley's T-shirts along with 3 Pins then make sure you post your progress pics to 
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Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Electric Pop Pattern Release

For ages now I have been wanting to design a quilt based on making the colours the star of the show.  A quilt that allowed for exploring Ombre fabric options and colouring of your Blocks as compared to the quilt being about the actual prints.  Sometimes Quilt designs come together literally in a week but sometimes as in this case with Electric Pop - the time working and re-designing it as meant that I have come up with exactly what I was working towards in my head.

Introducing - Electric Pop!  

A quilt that allows you to use the colours of your fabrics to do the talking.  So if you love to Ombre Quilts or use Rainbow colours or even Colour-wash your prints then this one is especially for you. However if you have a Bundle stashed on your shelf then this also will be perfect for this quilt.

It's no secret just how much I love Tula Pink All Stars Fabric range so to pair them up with the Tula Pink Free Spirit Solids was like a match made in heaven. 

Electric Pop includes 3 sizes to make - choose from a Baby Quilt, Lap Quilt or even a Queen Quilt.  There are lots of diagrams to help you through the construction and Layout process of this design.  

Also included is a Colouring Page - so for those that love to get out their colouring Pencils first and design then you will love this feature of the pattern.  I also included a list of the fabrics that I used to make this Tula Pink All Stars version. 

A massive shout out to my Quilter - Carol Brady from The Quilting Cottage.  Carol worked her magic on this quilt to come up with the perfect design - after working together to tweak the design it all but came out perfect.  And the back looks just as fabulous.

Electric Pop has already had a great Pattern debut and I hope you love this Quilt as much as I do. 

For Stores looking to order this pattern wholesale you can get it here at 

please share your Electric Pop Quilts with me @tiedwitharibbon
using the #electricpopquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns

Also a BIG thank you to Tracey Berkmortel Photography for helping out with the beautiful Studio shots of Electric Pop.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Aurora Quilt Sew-Along Week 5

We are now just over halfway in the #auroraquiltsewalong.  I love seeing how all the fabric choices you made have now started to be made in the Quadrants and you can really see now how your Aurora Quilt is going to look.

Week Five is all about making and working on your 3rd Quadrant.  With all your pieces trimmed and ready then you can assemble the next Quadrant for your Quilt.

I have had a few messages through the week for tips on how to get all the Points lined up on your Half Square Triangles when sewing your rows together.  

Here are a few of my best tips for making sure everything is matching up as best as possible. (none of these tools/notions are sponsored - just my personal opinions and preferences for quilting)

Tip 1 - Bloc-loc, Bloc-loc, Bloc-loc
This really is the best piece of equipment I have come across to date on how to get your points just perfect for trimming up your Half Square Triangles (HST's). There are a few other type HST Trimming rulers around - anything that helps you get perfect points are welcome.  If your points on your HST's are great from the start it is unlikely that they will match up no matter how hard you try.  

Here is a link to an article I wrote a while ago on Bloc-Loc rulers.

Tip 2 - Pins
It seems simple but using Fine Patchwork Pins while quilting is very helpful.  Thick pins can be too bulky to use in quilting due to the intersecting seams.  Use Fine Pins that don't move or shift these seams once you have pinned them in place.  I like to use Clover Fine Patchwork Pins.

Tip 3 - Pining your Seams
When pinning the seams I like to pin at each intersection.  With the pattern if you have followed the pressing you will find that having pressed the seams open you will find this distribute the bulk as evenly as possible.

For those who have pressed alternate seams in different directions your seams now should "nest" (which means they but up against each other).  
More importantly I like to match up the points at where the 1/4in seam line will run and then place the pin on the diagonal holding both seams.  This means that you match up the points at the place in which they meet rather than at the top of the raw edge.  This way you will know where the stitched seam line will run and if your points will match.  

Below shows me having pressed the seams to nest (clearly not having read my  own pattern exactly - but still very acceptable to do it this way)

Tip 4 - Walking Foot
When Quilting I always recommend using a Walking Foot - even when piecing.  The Walking Foot is either attached to your machine in the case with Pfaff's and some Bernina's or an added attachment like on a Janome.  It can be a clunky looking contraption depending on your brand of Machine but trust me - using a Walking foot will mean that your fabric on the top is fed through at the same rate as your bottom piece (which has the feed dogs to help it through) and ultimately make a big difference to your quilting.

Tip 5 - Straight Stitch Plate
If your fabric gets "chewed" up by your machine at the beginning of a line of stitching.  Investing in a "Straight Stitch Plate" for your machine will be beneficial.  This is usually an additional plate your can purchase for your machine.  The hole where the needle goes up and down into is considerably smaller and hence there is no where for the fabric to be "eaten" into your machine.  Ask at your Local Quilt store for one to fit your sewing machine.  These are a worthwhile investment and really do make sewing less frustrating.) 


Image thanks to @thyme.with.tash

Image thanks to @jackietheaggie

Image thanks to @myfabricology

Image thanks @happygolizzie

This weeks Sponsor is Aurifil

The Prize is this stunning box of Alison Glass Threads
To be in the running to wins this weeks prize make sure you tag me - @tiedwitharibbon and post your progress to the #auroraquiltsewalong and #auroraquilt hashtags.

You can still join in anytime with the Aurora Quilt Sew-Along.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Aurora Quilt Sew-Along Week 4

Well as we approach the halfway mark it is really so exciting to see the Aurora Quilts you have been making over at the #auroraquiltsewalong and #auroraquilt hash tags.
Remember it not to late at all to join in! 

This week - Week 4 is all about continuing on with making your second Quadrant.  By now with your first quadrant together it will be a good time to have a look at your colour placement and make sure you are happy with everything where it goes.  

Helpful Tips

A great hack to see what your Aurora Quilt will look like once it is finished (and to help make sure you are 100% happy with your fabric placement choices) is to use a Phone App or Computer Photo Editing Program.

Phone Apps and Photo Editing Programs
There are heaps around - these are just a few of the ones I have used in the past. I only have an i-phone so am only familiar with Apple Apps (and I am not affiliated with any of them)

Phone Apps
A Beautiful Mess (there is an Android version for this app available)

Photo Editing Programs

How to:
  1. Take a photo of your First Quadrant and make sure it is nice and square.
  2. You can then use one of the Apps or Programs (listed above) to upload your picture into to make what will look like a full quilt.  
  3. Use a 4 Picture Layout  and add the same picture to each quadrant and then rotate your picture to have your centre squares placed in the correct orientation.  (Of course if you have fussy cut or placed fabrics directionally it won't be exactly accurate but it will give you an overall look.
  4. Adjust the frame on the pic to be zero so you have no divide between the picture and then your quilt will magically appear like.........

Aurora Quilt Inspiration

Image thanks to @thecatbx

Image thanks to @jesslovestosew

Image thanks to @sew_love_scuba

This week our Sponsor of the Aurora Quilt Sew Along is Cottoneer

Andrea is giving away a complete Aurora Quilt Kit to one lucky winner - just like the same as the one I am making.  So to be in the running - make sure to post your progress to the #auroraquiltsewalong and #auroraquilt hashtags.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Quick Cut Kits - awesome new Product Alert!

I am so EXCITED to introduce to you my latest Quilting product made in conjunction and distributed through Creative Abundance. Last year I began working with Creative Abundance on developing and working on making these Applique pre-cut Kits a reality.  

In my years of teaching I have had many people comment on Applique and how they would love to do it but found it time consuming to do all the tracing and cutting, or actually didn't like tracing and cutting.  I had a number of people who would love to give Applique a go but have dexterity issues with their  hands or found this a time consuming style of quilting.  For so many reasons, I wanted to make Applique, fun, quick accurate and accessible to anyone wanting to give it a go - and so these Quick Cut Kits were born. 

I have taken 3 of my most popular Applique Mini Quilts and turned them into Quick Cut Kits.  First up is my "Just Sew Happy" Mini Quilt.  Made using Leanne Beasley's "Spring Mischief" range for Ella Blue Fabrics.

Each Kit contains the Pattern, Fused - pre cut fabric pieces as shown above, Binding and a Cover Page for each Kit all presented in a resealable Pocket.  All you need to do is clip the tabs from each of the letters or pieces and arrange them onto your Backing fabric (not included in the kit) according to the Pattern instructions. It really is that quick and then you are ready to sew.  

Next up is my "Rip It" Mini Quilt made using fabrics from Emma Jean Jansen's "Matilda" and Jodie Carleton's "Bug City" ranges.  

The beauty of these kits also are that you can still choose to Applique them in any method you prefer - whether by hand or machine these will be great fun to sew and make.

"Cut, Sew Press, Repeat" Pennant is my third Quick Cut Kit we have produced.  

These Quick Cut Kit Mini Quilts are great to make as presents or even give the kit as a present.  You might like to make them for Quilt Swaps and they are certainly a great time saver when your sewing time is precious.  

Quick Cut Kits are shipping to stores and we have the following stores to date who have ordered these - we are hoping to expand this list as interest grows.  A great way also to get your hand on one (or two, or three) is to ask your Local Quilt Store to get them in for you.  

I will keep updating this list as more stores start to carry Quick Cut Kits here in Australia, The States and around the world. Many of the stores listed below also ship worldwide!


Fabric Patch (QLD)
Sew Fab (NSW) 


Roxannes (CA)

I am looking forward to turning some of my other Mini Quilts into Quick Cut Kits and working on adding more to this range.

Please share your Quick Cut Kit makes using #quickcutkits, #tiedwitharibbonpatterns

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

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